Sunday, July 5, 2009

Love those bunny rabbits!!!

Bunny rabbits are so cute and cuddly and... menacing!!!
They have found an all night diner and it is my garden. The first time I saw a bunny in my garden my reaction was "Oh, how cute. The bunnies like the garden." I have realized the destruction in their tiny jaws. They are garden vampires. They started with just a few nibbles on the cilantro, but then then came the serious eating. My husband kept finding his pepper plants chopped down or stripped of leaves and we wondered what could be happening. We have a couple jalapeno plants left but I don't think hot matters because they ate the hot cherry peppers. I was beginning to think they did not like sweet basil but apparently they do. It is hard to believe they eat marigolds, but it is true. When they get started they super size and take down the whole plant. My garden is taking on the look of a gypsy encampment with things we have put in to scare them yet the bunnies continue to snack. I think the best investment for the next garden will be a fence.