Sunday, May 4, 2008

Amazing Stress Relief

They say stress kills. We all have it but what can you do?
There are many suggestions and products you can try. Many of the cures are pretty expensive and some just don't work. I tried squeezing one of those little squishy balloons and it only made my wrist hurt. It spent most of its life in the junk drawer. (No offense, they may work for some folks.)
If I hopped on over to the spa every time I am stressed I may as well move in. Besides, it would take a kazillion dollars worth of back rubs and aromatic scents to get rid of my stress! I am likely no more stressed than you. In fact I am sure there are many out there with more stress than I have experienced.
Relief is only moments away. It takes little or no money and just a little of your time. This method is not really a secret and I know some of you have used this method before now.
It is this:
Reading. Read for fun, or you might say for the pure pleasure of it. Indulge youself. Read an old book, read a new book, read a bunch of books.
There are public libraries all over the place. Their mission is to provide free reading materials to you. Find a book you will like find a comfy spot and tune out the world. I know, I sound like a public service announcement but I do love reading.

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