Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I love picking blackberries. It is certainly not the chiggers, stickers, sweat, or fear of snakes which attracts me. Possibly it is the sense of accomplishment I feel as I watch the bucket fill up. It may even be working together in harmony with my family as we exclaim over nature's bounty.
If we get a few rains the berries will stay around at least until the end of June. It is best to go early in the morning before it gets too hot. This weekend we did not get out as early as we should, it got a little hot out there. But in a little oven an hour we had picked two and one half gallons.
Every time I open the freezer I want to grin. Our family and friends seem to appreciate the jelly we give as gifts. You cannot buy anything as tasty in the stores. I am getting excited about making jelly. But, I cannot take time just yet because as long as the berries remain I get the urge to pick. Perhaps I am greedy and do not think I have enough so I hope to pick again this weekend. We will leave plenty for the birds.
Hopefully I can find some wild plums this weekend as well!

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Anonymous said...

This weekend the berries were just about all dried up. We had a good rain Saturday afternoon so maybe the berries will be around a little longer.