Sunday, March 22, 2009

From the garden.

The boundary of the garden has increased by inches. I have not measured but I would say it is about 12'x15' at this point. We turned over enough soil to accommodate maybe three to four additional rows and set up two small beds for herbs. We planted two rows of beets and set out several pepper plants. In the herb beds we sowed sweet basil seeds. It may be a little early but I don't anticipate a need to cover the garden more than a couple times. I paid $1.99 for the two packets of beet seeds but only .2o each for the eight packets of sweet basil. I don't know much my husband paid for the pepper plants but probably not too much. The onion sets were $2.49 per bundle for three bundles. I expect we will have more onions and peppers than one family could possibly use! But as most gardeners know, a large part of the "joy" of gardening is sharing the bounty.
Stay tuned for more "from the garden"....

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