Wednesday, March 25, 2009

~~~ Peanut the Pomeranian~~~

Peanut came into our world as a birthday gift for our child. We called her Peanut because she was just a tiny little thing. The first day we brought her home she would not come out of her carrier she was so frightened. That is until she smelled dinner cooking! What a nose!!! She would do anything for a fruit loop. Peanut was a bad one to look for candy and cough drops to hide away to save for hard times. I would never claim she was a perfect dog, for one thing she barked way too much But, as humans do we became terribly attached to our pet and loved her in spite of her faults. For twelve years we had her company and now she lives in doggie heaven. I miss her. Every year when the daffodils and iris bloom on her little grave I stop for a moment and remember how much fun we had with her.

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